The Installations

Open Space

In case of an exhibition event without speakers or seats, such as for product presentations, the capacity of the venue can be increased to 150 guests over the span of the day by taking advantage of the spacious libraries and turning them into exhibition spaces.


Two tables with a total length of 4.8 meters are dedicated to the speakers and their items.
A maximum of 70 seats for the audience will be set up opposite them.

Round Table

The tables will be arranged in a square, leaving an empty space in the middle, for a total capacity of up to 36 people.


A similar disposition to the “Round Table”, but with one side left open, using 4 or 6 tables.

Lunch or Dinner

The tables are centrally positioned, in close contact, for a maximum of 20 seats. Alternatively, this solution is optimal for a buffet-style standing dinner.