For your events


Officina22 offers flexible and modular spaces, technologies and services for the organization and management of events in a modern and high-profile location.

The Set-Ups

The large main hall of Officina22 is integrated with service spaces and a lofted space surrounding the entire perimeter of the location.

The open space structure allows to rapidly create various set ups, depending on the specific need – whether the event is formal or more informal.

Take a look at the various set ups:
open space | orchestra | round table | horseshoe | lunch or dinner

The Services

Officina22 offers highly-skilled resources and competences for each and every single need of event organization: from conception and “turn-key” organization to specific and customized services to support your events.

concept event planning
advising in communication- relations with the media online and offline, social networking
tools of communication- initiatives, welcome kit, ad hoc websites, on and offline ads, location set-up, account and real time management of social networks during the event
photo/video shooting of the event, also with a live web streaming option
administrative and organizational support


High-speed fiber-optic internet connection
60 and 52 inches smart TVs and DVD player
sound system with microphones
computer connected to the audio/video system